Mysterious Gothic Wedding Invitations

Published: 25th May 2012
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It is such a buzzword that we could usually hear from the fashion magazine or vogue TV program, gothic bring such a favor around the world no matter in fashion, in culture and in other aspects. But for most people ,they don’t understand the true definition of gothic. That lead to veil a mysterious sense on the theme. It is said that gothic has also become a popular theme for wedding ceremony. But from the aspect of most people, gothic stand for darkness, morbid and eroticized thing! Would that still be proper for your wedding ?Actually ,you don’t have to worry about that. The general idea about gothic style feathers strong prejudice and misunderstanding. Things like ghosts or haunted places are just a small part of the theme. There are more things related to aesthetics, though a little different from the wedding ceremony in traditional sense with beaming atmosphere, such theme would no doubt be a unique and different one to catch people’s eyes. In such a civilized world, let your mysterious wedding ceremony start with gothic invitations.
Gothic Wedding Cards
There are various ways for you to find your ideal gothic wedding invitations, from boutique ,order online ,or even you could d-i-y those cards yourself. Let me give you a brief overview of gothic wedding invitation tips .
The design
From the traditional sense of gothic, the background color of wedding cards in this style should be black or red on account of that the gothic style origins from those members of the Goth subculture who like to dress up with black hair, black lips and black clothes. But now ,this style has utilize the elements from punk, Victorians and Elizabethans. You should keep the holistic style of this kind of wedding cards, at the same time ,some unique and different element can be added to the design. For instance, black background with florid blooming roses shed light a gloomy atmosphere. Succinct lines outline simple graphics constructing a peace and lonely artistic conception. Sometimes you would also have a try of layered wedding invitations. With black graphics setting off a strong contrast to the white background , bring a strong visual impact to people. If you would like to make your wedding cards more unique and different, you could also add a black and white photo to the wedding cards, this can sometimes even construct a vintage touch.
The Wording
For the wedding invitation wording, the gothic style are more likely to print with the simple phrases as regular wedding cards. While the difference lies in that normal wording may present your happiness in a lucid way, the gothic style tend to be implicit and underlying. For example ,you could add such verse to the card “we promise to love each other forever until death separate us. The invitation wording should be simple and easy understanding. Exact date should be listed after the wording. Of course , good hand writing on the card could strength the information you want to present.
So when you preparing for your big day ,don’t forget those things listed above. Successful ceremony is the joint effect of the arrangement of occasion and other wispy elements. Let gothic style bring you such a romantic, mysterious and elegant spousal.

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